Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Toot away

So today was a typical crazy day in the Felberg family. At times they all three were screaming for me from different rooms at exactly the same time. At other times there were endless conversations about the Barney video in which he was making pizza. Have you heard that Barney song? "Pizza, pizza nothing beats a pizza?" Anyway I can hear it clearly in my head. My children obviously don't know me well enough because they actually think Mommy is going to make a pizza from scratch because Barney gives us the recipe. I think the conversation lasted about an hour. Well maybe only like 10 minutes but it seemed to never end. All about if we want a large pizza we should use 2 cups of flour but we only want a small pizza so we should just use 1 cup of flour. And then we do this and that and well I didn't have the heart to tell them that there was no point to this endless conversation so on it went.

My only comic relief of the day was when I went to change Ty's poopy diaper. I know, a very random place to find humor but there it was anyway. Leave it to Ella. Well here I was expecting to find a massive diaper based on the smell but when I opened it up there was the tiniest little pebble. I say" Ty how could that possibly smell that bad? It is so little." To which Ella quickly responds, "I know Mom! He must have tooted on it a lot and that is why!" Well there you have it. It is not the actually poop that gives off the aroma but how many times you toot on it. Kind of like perfume I guess in a reverse sort of way. Good to know!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Two New Obsessions

Jonas Brothers and Filipino food! Not necessarily together. Although I did watch Camp Rock and eat lumpia at the same time tonight and by myself no less. Chad came home from work a little surprised. His response, "Are you watching this?" To which I said, "yes" then he asked if I was two? I was about to explain that the Jonas Brothers fan base is a little older than two-mind you probably not as old as 37 but still.
Anyway obviously the Jonas brothers problem started from my children. Those boys have grown on me and I find myself singing their songs and defending them as they get attacked like on the VMA's. I think I am about to buy their CD (do they have more than one?) I have already purchased Camp Rock (for my girls of course:)I asked Haley who her favorite was and told her mine was Joe:) Okay I might need counseling... on to the filipino story

It started a couple of months ago at a school potluck when I realized that my son had sucked on a lumpia for a good 15 minutes while I ate and I started to wonder if I should figure out how to make them. For those of you who know, my cooking ability doesn't go very far. I quickly gave up that idea. Well this past week we had another school potluck and lucky for me I am surrounded by a lot of filipino families so there were many dishes to choose from. Of course I filled my plate with lumpia and also chose what looked like stir fry with clear noodles. I learned it was Pancit. My new love! Haley's teacher sent home all of the recipes from the potluck. So I rushed to the grocery store and went straight to the Asian aisle looking for Behon noodles(had no idea) and oyster sauce. Needed help finding that. At one point I had 3 Albertsons employees searching the aisles for me but I was determined. It didn't turn out! My noodles as Chad would describe reminded him of the sticky hands the kids bring home and throw against the wall, only covered in soy sauce.
I wasn't about to give up though. Haley has a filipino friend that lives up the street. They play together every day. I decided that we would go on an adventure today to a Filipino market. With her of course! I was to insecure to go by ourselves. We discussed it with her mother first who explained what I needed to order. I was on a mission to get Shanghai Lumpia and Pancit. I asked her if it was going to be awkard for me and she said "Well they might not understand you and you might not understand them" That wasn't reassuring but since I had her daughter with me I found the confidence to go. So here we were in the filipino market (very busy place by the way and very inexpensive) They had a market side and then a hot food area which is pretty much the same as a chinese fast food place except for the whole fish and what I think was some sort of goat head. Anyway after a brief scare of them being out of Pancit. I talked the man into making some for me. I think he was frightened by the white lady and her crazy brood with her. We got home with two large portions and only 4 lumpia. I had ordered 12 but ate 7 on the way home. Ty had 1. So I learned a lot. Like I need to order more and don't try to make Filipino food if you aren't Filipino which at this point I wish I was.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Need of Community

Literally my community! I don't know what my deal is lately but I have been really depressed about my lack of involvement in my own area. Maybe it is that school has started up and I see all of these moms interacting and I pretty much stay to myself.I think that I have told myself that I already have my friends and I don't need anymore. The problem with that is that I have always been the friend that lives the farthest away. This makes it very tricky to do the fun "friend" things like park days, sports, babysitting, etc. They are doing things together everyday. For awhile now I have come to terms with it but just lately it has been bugging me. The question is what do I need to do or actually what do I want to do about it? Because if I think about it I don't really have the time or the energy to join PTA or volunteer. I don't really want to start new friendships-it's hard! I am thinking that if this is the area we are going to stay in then I need to make an effort and put my energy here. Maybe try a church closer to home. Join the PTA! Either that or convince my husband to move to La mesa which isn't going to happen! Maybe it's a passing phase. Maybe I will feel differently next week! We will see!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

10 Reasons Why

I love my children dearly but I desperately need a small retreat every now and then. Well more "now". Here are 10 reasons that showed me so.

10. I needed a babysitter today and I debated dropping them off at the Yogurt Mill and letting my employee watch them.
9. I started counting the hours to bedtime when I woke up.
8. Ella covered herself head to toe in purple dots with a marker.
7. I was going to call the Guinness Book of World records because I am convinced they set the new record for non-stop talking.
6. The thing I was looking forward to the most yesterday was "Farmer Wants A Wife"
5. As we were shopping in Walmart I lost sight of them for a few minutes but actually enjoyed my free time.
4. Looking forward to my mother-in-law coming for a week.
3. Took a High School Musical trivia quiz with my daughter and scored 100% she only scored 75%
2. I let my five year old have an otter pop at 9am just so I wouldn't have to hear her ask me again.

And the #1 way I can tell I need a break?

1. I had a dentist appointment today and I couldn't wait!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

Well it's not the "naked employee" but it was just as exciting. I was at work the other afternoon meeting with a sales rep on a new product. We were conversing at the tables in the front when I heard a commotion between my employee and a "woman" that walked in. I guess the "woman" didn't like the way my employee was cleaning the counter so she grabbed the rag out of her hand and told her so. This was just the beginning. She started to explain that she wanted to return the skirt she had purchased the day before. My employee kindly told her that there were no returns which set the "woman" off on a rampage at which point she came over to me. How she knew I was the one to come to I don't know. Anyway "she" was actually a man dressed as a woman so it was disturbing already. She very emphatically told me she wanted to return the skirt. Now my philosophy on wackos is just to get them out of the store as soon as possible with as little drama as I can. I decide at this point that I will just give the "woman" back her $5 (yes the skirt was only $5) but that I would need the skirt back. I told her so but unfortunately after it came out of my mouth I tried to take it back since she was wearing it and quickly preceded to undress right in front of me. Thankfully she was very in to clothes because she had another ensemble on underneath. It was a one piece jean jumpsuit that I am sure Kristy or Becky would look great in since they pull them off so well. She left the skirt on the floor where we discovered the she had peed in it as well as some other gross unmentionables.
Our new friend stayed for quite awhile after this so my plan didn't work. She decided to shop for more clothes, relocate the tip jar to the trash can, fill out an entry form for a free spa treatment, as well as ask if she could have our pen . We will miss her.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Any Requests

I am amazed quite often at how different my eldest daughter's personality is from my own. Yesterday I was reminded again.

On Monday we enjoyed a friends birthday party where they borrowed a Karaoke machine from us and returned it to my store and put it in my office. So yesterday Haley had gone with me to work and as usual was occupying herself in my office. After a few minutes I hear a microphone and someone singing. Yes my precious daughter decided to do an impromptu performance for the customers eating in the store. She dragged the Karaoke machine all the way out to the front, got it plugged in and all revved up and then just started belting out song after song. After a few songs she asked if anyone else would like to try it. Bless this family that was entertained by her because otherwise it could have been bad. Anyway the Grandpa even got up and sang a verse to one of his favorite songs. All in all I don't think many of the customers from yesterday will quite forget their yogurt experience and hopefully it wasn't too overwhelming for them.I pray that she keeps her love for performing and self confidence you need to be able to do it. Goodness knows I don't have it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crying It Out

As you read this most of you are probably thinking how glad you are that you are over the baby stage. Although some of you probably were well disciplined parents and had your child sleeping through the night at a very young age. Me? I am a coddler (sp?) and a wimp so here I am at 10 months along listening to my son scream in his crib so I can finally teach him that he doesn't need me to do it. Of course he is not the only one crying at the moment since it is 3 am and I have gotten about an hour of sleep. Fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My First Movie


Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Love For The DMV

That title is an understatement! It all started back in January when my license was up for renewal. Being the disorganized person that I am I didn't realize it until a week after the fact. For those of you who are smart enough to make an appointment know that they are good and backed up a couple of months so I had no choice but to give up my afternoon sitting with the masses waiting for my stupid number to show up on the TV screen that everyone stares at. I like how they make you wait in the "information" line for a good 20 minutes then give you your paperwork and a number that seems like it will take a year to reach. And why does everyone just sit like zombies staring at the screen. Do they realize it goes in order? Or do they think their number is going to magically appear? Did anyone ever see that Seinfeld episode where he talked about how the DMV had the ugliest people in the world? And the most unpleasant as well. Anyway back to the story. So Ty and I waited over an hour for our number then we had to wait again in another line to get my picture. Finally I was done. Three lines later and my afternoon gone. But at least I was done!
Until today. I realized that my temporary license expires tomorrow and I still had not received my new license in the mail. It has been two months so I call and wait and wait and wait until I finally get someone on the phone. He informs me that my picture didn't develop and I needed to go back into the office and retake it. Are you serious? At this point I was very frustrated. Why wasn't I notified sooner? I had at least hope that I wouldn't have to wait again. Surely I would be sent to only the one photo line. So all three kids (still with days like today I can't believe I have that many) head off to the DMV. No Parking! Not a good sign. Finally get in line in the "information" line with my frustration already mounting over the stupid situation. I explain to the very rude lady at the counter what happened and she hands me a new application and my "number" I tell her I already did all of this and isn't there "a move to the front when the DMV makes a mistake" She gave me a not so nice look and almost looked pleased that I would have to be waiting for a really long time. After protesting as much as I could muster since at this point I start to cry I move to wait again with the masses. No chairs available for my large family to sit so we proceed to stand in a huddle, staring at the screen and me with tears rolling down my face. Haley says, "Mommy don't cry your eyes are going to be all red for your picture." Not to mention I had no make-up on. It is going to be a lovely shot for me to remember this day for the next five years. I pray that will be the length of time I get to wait before I have to step foot in another DMV. In the meantime I am going to take some classes on confrontation and building your self confidence. Then I will go back and speak again to the lady at the counter!